Locally Founded: 1986

Nationally Founded: 1986

Colors: Black and White

Motto: "We Build Men, Men Build Futures" and "Striving for Success, Stressing Excellence"

Beta Phi Pi Fraternity, Inc., which is a nationally recognized social and service organization, is one of the nation's newest Black Greek lettered organizations. It is comprised of college and professional men across the nation. Members are committed to promoting brotherhood, self-improvement, African American pride and equal rights. Beta Phi Pi stresses the importance of serving and giving back to ones community and also to make a difference in the world. Each member of Beta Phi Pi brings different qualities and attributes to the organization. Due to the youth of the organization, each brother has the opportunity to make history.


Locally Founded: 2007

Nationally Founded: 1975

Colors:  Burgundy and Grey

Motto: "Unity, Love and Respect"

The purpose of Lambda Theta Alpha shall be to provide a sisterhood based on unity, love, and respect, to provide social and cultural activities, and to carry on charitable and educational programs. To promote leadership, maintain high academic standards, and to serve as a voice for the Latino community.


Locally Founded: ----

Nationally Founded: 1986

Colors:  Silver, Burgundy, and White


The purpose of Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. shall be to open doors of opportunity to the Latinas of our community. Our primary focus is academic excellence and meeting the needs of Latina women in higher education. Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. also promotes the advancement of Latinas through various campus activities and community services, and provides an environment for personal growth within a unit of Sisterhood. Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. priorities, however, will be placed upon academic excellence and community service.


Locally Founded: 2005

Nationally Founded: 1975

Colors:  Brown and White

Motto: "Chivalry Above Self "

Lambda Theta Phi provides the Latino college student the opportunity to be part of a family with a mission. What is this mission To cultivate a spirit of brotherhood, to value an education, to promote unity among all Latinos, to be proud of and cherish our heritage, to assert roles of leadership, to develop character, to practice chivalry, and to serve mankind. In short, to raise the social and cultural conscience of the Latin male college student.


Locally Founded: 1986

Nationally Founded: 1986

Colors:  Purple and White

Motto: "Opportunity for Wisdom, Wisdom for Culture "

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. is the largest Latino-based Fraternity in the nation with Multicultural membership. We believe in the principles of fairness and opportunity, as well as the equality of all men. Founded on April 4, 1986 at the University of Iowa and based on cultural understanding and wisdom, we all strive to model our principles and present ourselves in a gentlemanly and educated fashion.


Locally Founded:

Nationally Founded: 1994

Colors:  Maroon and Old Gold

Motto: "Pride, Respect, Excellence "

To provide and organization and opportunity for collegiate men that will promote leadership through a proud sense of manhood and honor-an organization that will withstand the test of time To promote the uplifting of self and others through community development, academics, and social interaction with other men To encourage members to grow through their own and others' experiences, and use this growth to improve relations throughout the communities of their local chapters and across the nation To have and achieve Pride in all they do, earn Respect, respect all, and promote Excellence always.

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